Fox Networking Event

The main reasoning behind it was that we had a super new studio with lots of creative space, I was not able to network with more than a handful of people due to migraines and noise level, many people in the building did not really know what each other did, and it was a good way to meet our neighbours.

Fox Graphics Networking Event
Fox Networking Event

Guest Speaker – John Place

Now we talk about Columbian Coffee and Cream Cakes, comments like…. relaxed, no pressure, structured yet informal, warm welcome and well looked after are a few of the comments received.

Fab host once again

Tony Hine

This event has now taken on a life of its own, we are not in competition with other events, as it is by invitation only, hence we don’t use Eventbrite, we now have a good mix from all different sectors and not always the usual ones found at events. 

We select by people and this gives a different feel. The first 6 months were free, but now we are charging a small cost to cover some of our costs, these do not even cover my time.

Loved your warm and friendly intimate gathering

Will Kintish
Fox Networking Event
Fox Networking Event

So why do I do it, well, many reasons, but it does give me total flexibility and am able to select different venues with other like-minded people, I just want to be a little bonkers and I do have 13 years of International Food & Beverage, senior management experience in 4/5* hotels, soooo it must be the veins….and we like decent coffee…it just smells so welcoming.

It was a fabulous gathering, my first time at this one. Great to meet old friends and make new ones too!

Andrew Thorp

When I have had enough, I can stop, sometimes it’s a worry, what if no one turns up, well…I just have more cakes to give away!…..BUT, that has never happened, If you are like minded the same us, get in touch!

Also, I have it on good authority that people have been making good introductions and good business through eating cake with us!

I have so many lovely pictures and videos, and comments, I only started doing it because I was unable to go out networking myself, and I have this lovely relaxed space here in Macclesfield.

Love these events, friendly, relaxed and great people

Michael Beardsell
Fox Networking Event
Maggie Ford

Guest Speaker – Maggie Ford – Spring Rites

I just looked at the posts on Maggie Ford and the event, over 1500 people actually viewed these 2 video’s and one post of the event with Maggie one got 3,500 views, all the speakers get super exposure and help getting their message out there.  if you missed it, please have a listen, she is one of my super stars and very close friend….and Breathe!

Part of what we do at Fox Graphics Design & Marketing, is helping clients up their game and get noticed, these are not our clients, they are colleagues, friends and like-minded people.

Fabulous event Kate & Duncan

Kathryn Spencer

If you’re interested in attending one of our events 

Kate Fox
Kate Fox

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