Now that’s how to homeschool

We’ve all heard it, haven’t we? ‘Study hard, get good grades and get a good job.’ A steady job, to help pay the mortgage, and fund our rat race lifestyles.

Yes, of course. To some extent, this age-old statement is true. And in today’s uncertain economic climate, it certainly holds weight. But does this idealised life plan guarantee success in today’s world?

A recent report revealed that a social media influencer can earn £29,000 a year, just by having 43,000 Instagram followers. No qualifications required. Not one.

The world is clearly changing, but is the national curriculum? Are we teaching children the true value of money?

The team at Fox Graphics Design and Marketing are proud sponsors of a 10-year old’s business venture: Samson’s Sweets. Created during a lockdown homeschooling project, Samson’s Sweets send delicious sweet boxes to anywhere in the UK. Bursting with colour and flavour, Samson’s boxes are jam packed with a wide selection of yummy sweets. Yes, the team here at Fox all have a hankering for sugar, but what really caught our attention was the entrepreneurial spirit of the product’s founder.

Not only has Samson created the product, he is learning all about marketing and target audience reach. He helped to design the business’ logo, and he enlisted his mum’s help to run his social media pages. Samson even used some of the business’ profit to reinvest in bespoke product packaging. Not bad for a 10-year old, eh?


Samson's sweets - home schooling
Samson's sweets - home schooling
Samson's sweets - home schooling - sponsorship and advertising

When Samson’s mum, Kerry (of The Cheshire Business Directory), dropped us a call to enquire about potential sponsorships for the business, we jumped on board. Through our client networking events, Fox are known for actively supporting other businesses. And this one was no exception. With our support, Samson has been able to invest in targeted advertising across the local area.

Kerry was inspired to shake-up her homeschooling after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, a book which highlights the importance of ensuring children are financially literate. The authors, Kiyosaki and Bowman, argue that today’s education system does not equip children for the real world, a world where ‘spending is emphasised over savings.’ 

As a successful business owner, Kerry wanted to teach her son how finance works, and the real meanings of profit, revenue and investment. For his birthday, Samson used some of the business’ profit to hire a hot tub. So Samson got his wish, but he knew exactly where the money to pay for it came from.


Samson's sweets - home schooling - advertising


To date, Samson has sold over 200 boxes to clients across the UK. According to Kerry, he’s developed a real thirst for business. It seems as though this young man’s future is going to be very bright. And the team here at Fox are very proud to support him.

If you’d like to find out more about Samson’s Sweets, you can follow his Facebook page here.

Samson's sweets
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