Fox Graphics Design & Marketing Re-brand

Design & Marketing Re-brand

We have finally found time to re-brand with the Marketing wing of the Fox business. We coincided our branding with the Co-hosting event on Valantine’s day with Macclesfield Chamber of Commerce and 2 other companies. (see previous blog here).

We have invested in some lovely laptop/ipad shoulder bags, posh pens and A3 desk pads, alongside the new fresh marketing banners and website. watch this space on the logo! I can highly recommend the items, people just say ‘oooh, is that for me!’ and smile or they say ‘pressies’. Giving is great, and people always like a pressie! we don’t just give pressies we give time to listen, help and share ideas with clients, contacts and people who are thinking of going into business on their own!

We have started finding our own niche after 18 months of relaunching from having a year of being seriously ill, whilst keeping Fox Graphics in business. We are heading into celebrating ‘being in business for 10 years’ in June this year. I started the business having finished my degree at MMU in Graphic Design and just jumped into setting up Fox Graphics.

Having had 12 years of senior operational management experience in the Hotel and Catering industry nationally and overseas. Then International recruitment experience and training the long term unemployed back into work, I had a whole range of skills to call on that I didn’t realise I needed to set up a business. oh yes, and no one told me it was the beginning of a recession!

At the time, I was by then a single mother with a teenager. I had only gone to Macclesfield College to learn how to switch on a computer and 6 years later I came out of MMU with a first class degree! So, I’m current, seriously techie and on the far spectrum of creative, which was normal for me, I just thought everyone else was the same as me until I met my class mates at uni and found that I had finally met a group of people who were similar.


my playgrounds…

I had a very different upbringing where my Father lived in Paris, behind the Sacre Coeur, my Auntie in Switzerland, and my family in Cheshire, oh, and Anglesey! So my playgrounds were watching artists in Paris and spending days with my brother absorbing the art and world of the Champs Elyses, La Louvre, museums, art galleries, cathedrals, the posters on the Metro and all that was creative in Geneva, in the Alps and London. Years later I realised that my eyes had been taking pictures for research in my head and I still do that.

These are my resources that enable me to keep designing and keep fresh. Someone asked me recently, how do you know it is a good logo. I know instinctively and all our work is crafted creatively, proudly designing for the business, company, sector, person not to trend. Being ahead of the trend and knowing what might be next or in front of the next style is the clever thing.

I am so excited about this next chapter in the Fox business. Digital marketing, video, animation, technology and virtual reality has well and truly arrived and businesses need to jump on board, embrace it and engage! We can help your company find the best methods of achieving your goals and outcomes with design, marketing and a dose of common sense whilst being different and grabbing attention and moving forward.

Thank you for all the support from my friends, colleagues, clients and connections who have helped us evolve! and I’m just loving our new HQ!

Kate Fox, Fox Graphics Design & Marketing

Valentine’s Day – Visual Communication – Radbroke Hall – Barclays/Macclesfield Chamber of Commerce

Visual Communication - Branding
Visual Communication – Branding

“Learning to love Visual Communication” at Radboke Hall

And what a lovely time we had at the Barclay’s Radbroke Hall, in leafy Cheshire

Visual Communication – Branding – It started with snow and sleet, arriving at Radbroke Hall with loads of boxes and banners and pens, bags, A3 desk pads and not forgetting Paul’s balloons, as it was Valentine’s day after all. oh, yes, the chocolate!

We walked through a tunnel of beautifully fragrant red roses that you only ever see on Valentine’s day, they have their own florist on site at the Barclays Cyber Technology Centre Radbroke, Knutsford WA16 9EU

We had to be checked and provide ID to be able to enter very restricted areas and be escorted to the suite where we were to co-host the event with Darren from Point Blank Digital and Paul from CANvideography, the event was organised by Macclesfield Chamber of Commerce and Barclays PLC.

After setting up, we welcomed the guests, networked and then got going! Sue Bowden introduced the event with a welcome!

and then we all introduced ourselves and started our 15 minute table presentations.

Paul talked about Videography, Darren Social Media and Digital Marketing and myself, Kate, Branding.

15 minute table presentations

We had a discussion at the tables followed by luncheon and more networking, speeches and thanks afterwards followed by a fantastic tour around the Barclays Technology Centre, where we saw the workings behind the banking scenes to try to win the fight against cyber attacks on our banking system and the control room. Security is incredibly high, as you would imagine and no pictures could be taken. We also saw the original Hall and facilities.

The day was a great success and we met a varying range of people, sectors, organisations and hopefully they went away thinking differently about their marketing and visual communication.

We enjoyed good feedback and everyone said they learnt something from the day,

A Big Thank You to Sue and her team at Macclesfield Chamber of Commerce and Barclays PLC at Radbroke Hall.


A lovely day had by all!

Please enjoy the pictures attached to this article, taken by various hosts on the day.

Kate Fox

Fox Graphics Design & Marketing

07927 131600

Here to listen and help!

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MD praises Fox Graphics for being instrumental in growing turnover to £25m

It started with a logo….

The ideas, creativity and expertise of the team at Fox Graphics have been instrumental in helping a thriving chemicals distribution firm grow its turnover to £25m.

Co-founder and director of Castle Chemicals Ltd, Jeffrey Muff, says that Fox Graphics has increased his firm’s global profile dramatically above competitors’ in the ‘mature, conservative’ market in which it operates.

MD praises Fox Graphics for being instrumental in growing turnover to £25m

Competitors praised our stand

Jeffrey said:  “The single most effective piece of work was our new display stand and supporting materials that Fox Graphics conceived for our first exhibition in SE Asia in 2016.   We had a fresh and exciting presence.  Other exhibitors were coming up to us to compliment us on it.”

Now Castle Chemicals, which supplies performance additives to the rubber, paint, surface coatings, textile and adhesive industries, has secured Fox Graphics’ talents via an additional, consultancy retainer, just to have ideas from owner Kate Fox and the team on tap.

It’s a far cry from when Castle first hired Fox Graphics, back in January 2010, to redesign its logo. Turnover then was £8m.

The initial brief

Jeffrey said: “It started with a simple request but with Kate’s skills, expertise, drive, determination and foresight, she has made us move a long, long way forward in business.”
“Kate has dragged us, kicking and screaming at times, to where she wants us to be, which is where we needed to be.”

“She is commercially-minded, which makes all the difference.  She knows time is valuable. If a meeting is scheduled to last one hour she will make sure it doesn’t run over.”

Company video is commissioned

“Kate also commissioned the company video, now on our website, which we are very pleased with.”
Fox Graphics had conceived the video in response to a brief to devise an additional creative tactic to engage new contacts at exhibitions in Thailand and Malaysia.
Its team used imagery and graphics to convey in a pacey, visual way, the ethos of the company and scope of its product offerings in just 2 mins 45 seconds.

Jeffrey added:  “Kate is always conscious about budget and costs.  She is very economical with what she quotes us.  She’s very conscious that we are here to run a business and realises it is support work she is doing for us. “She’s one of the Castle Chemicals family.  Our business wouldn’t be as successful as it is today without Fox Graphics.”

Exhibition Banner Marketing material Exhibition Stand

The expanded brief

From that initial brief to update the logo, stationery and business cards, Fox Graphics moved on to design and build the firm’s first website, as well as brochures, document folders, other printed materials and branding for the CRM system, plus a rebrand to coincide with the Castle’s expansion into bigger premises in 2014/15.

For the aforementioned game-changing exhibition in SE Asia, Fox Graphics also provided branded brochures, canvas bags/pens to give away, and branded dresses or cotton shirts for the exhibition team.

Jeffrey added:  “If it hadn’t been for Kate, we’d have left our branding and marketing on the back burner.”

“Kate never stands still and her ideas and solutions are always fresh and appealing.”  
“She introduced us to social media, which has not necessarily delivered sales yet, but is getting us known among new contacts, including new suppliers, who we’re always on the lookout for.”

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Thank you to Jeffrey Muff – Director at Castle chemicals Ltd.

You can see their video on the home page of their website –

We really appreciate all the lovely words and have enjoyed working with you for the past 8 years and am looking forward to our next creative commissions and brain storming mornings in the future,

Kate Fox, Fox Graphics Design & Marketing

Happy to listen and help!

You can always get me on my mobile – 07927 131600


Websites are part of your social communication! don’t get left behind

Website Design

Websites are part of your digital conversation and communication with your social media presence and marketing message, make sure you are not left behind and recognized by modern technology.
We now have a service/facility that can take all the pressure off you, by incorporating design and intelligent marketing/project managing we can tailor make your company’s requirements, all from one source, with trusted partners and experienced experts. We evaluate your company and help you move into the right areas of communication, allowing you to work in and on your business with a versatile team member, who just get’s it done!

We can do all this and more at Fox Graphics –
Feel free to give me a call or drop me a line on
Mobile – 07927 131600

Do you remember Yellow Pages? what a nice surprise……

“Do you remember Yellow Pages? what a nice surprise…..”]Do you remember Yellow Pages, and advertising and the copy coming through the door! well, this week, that is exactly what happened, and I casually looked inside to see who still uses this and there, a blast from the past, was a client I had not seen for ages, reusing design from years ago, maybe 5 years, the Ad looked great, better than the rest, but I would feel like that! as I designed the logo and Ad, with my font that I bought years ago, for a lot of money, but it has been worth it, and always adds that extra bit of class and quality.
I was so thrilled – so some company’s still need adverts! don’t be dismissive of having direct marketing coming through the post, no one else does it much these days, so you will be ahead of the game!
We can do all this and more at Fox Graphics –
Feel free to give me a call or drop me a line on
Mobile – 07927 131600

Are you ready for your exhibitions this year?

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Castle Chemicals were promoting their exhibition for 2018 in 2016, that’s how organised they are, with Fox Graphics help and design, all these things are in place.

We can help you plan and think through what is required, when it needs to be designed and put in place, all those little things take away the worry and pressure. We like working as part of your team and are happy to project manage.

Exhibition stands, brochures, marketing material, press releases, social media, websites, uniform or corporate shirts/dresses for the exhibition stand all help to make your company look professional, branded and competent.

Please phone or email for a chat and see if we can help

phone Kate Fox on: 07923 131600 or email:

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