Fox Survival No.7 – Get Testimonials & Recommendations

Testimonials & Recommendations

Get Testimonials & Recommendations

Fox Survival for 2020! No.7

Fox Survival No.7 – Get Testimonials & Recommendations for your business to help develop and nurture good relationships. 

This is a great time to get in contact with clients and people that you have been working with and supporting, keep communication going and ask for testimonials/recommendations/case studies. 

How to get testimonials and recommendations for your work that will give people confidence in your abilities and services/skills/products.

People like to hear about what you do, and it’s also about stories.

Fox tips – “treat people as you would like to be treated”

How to increase connections on social media

Linkedin and Google My Business have a facility for people to say good things about you and your services/products.

I have commissioned PR/Marketing people in the past to interview my clients, prearranged of course, and then write a case study, these are fantastic, because clients say things to a third party that they probably wouldn’t say to your face. Good things, of course, then these can be used as content with images everywhere in your marketing.

You can see examples at the bottom of my home page on the website.

Take care and be safe!


Many thanks and Good Luck!

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Kate Fox

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