RIP to traditional print?

With the development of technology and the increasing popularity of ‘e-magazines’ and ‘e-reads’, many people believe that traditional forms of print are destined for decline. However, the case is not as clear cut as some might think and established forms of media still have their place in modern society.

Kate Fox, Founder and Director of Fox Graphics, gives her opinion on the ever-evolving e-debate…

“New technologies, time-precious lives and the increasing awareness of sustainability have led to a significant increase in the popularity of electronic media. With a click of a button, people can now have a newspaper, magazine or glossy brochure delivered to their inbox in seconds.

“Not only convenient and cost-effective, it also allows people to do their bit for the environment, leading many to strive for a ‘paper-free’ society. However, is this beneficial or indeed viable? There is still a fervent argument for the printed page, with a majority still preferring to read from a hard copy publication.

“With groundbreaking technological innovations on the horizon, traditional forms of print may actually be given the boost to grow rather than diminish. Xerox scientists, for example, have invented a pioneering way to develop prints with temporary images, so that paper can be used again and again. This unique idea seems to offer the best of both worlds, not only retaining the printed page, but reducing the amount of environmental waste.

“Also providing flexibility and versatility is the fact that design for printed publications is now converted into PDF for the internet as a matter of course, meaning clients can benefit from both mediums often for the same price.

“It appears that the fall of traditional print has been greatly exaggerated and it still very much has its place in society; it just might have to adapt to keep up…”