Topspeed Couriers Ltd.

Conceptual design of company’s visual image throughout.
Branding, website, photography, stationery, powerpoint presentations, clothing, training manuals, many various documents internal and external.

Created the ‘Driver’s Manual’ which is now used for company training and a compliance document which helps win bids Nationally.
Topspeed was our first client and they have grown from strength to strength, and am proud to be part of it.

The Brief

Initially we started with a small leaflet, the object was to portray the branding and marketing where the company wanted to be in 10 or 15 years and we are now 11 years on and the brief has been achieved, the branding still stands strong and the company had tripled in size and turnover at least.

The effect of having quality branding and design on every touch point helped Topspeed triple it’s size and help position itself in the market place.

At Fox we tell companies that we do not design to trend and that we try to position them 10 years ahead. We are proud to have been part of the company’s success and still get a tingle when we see the logo on courier vans.

The strongest help with this commission was that the MD was one of the few people who ‘gets it” with design, and we have enjoyed the confidence of knowing that TopSpeed were tooled up with all the right marketing material when going to meetings, submitting bids for contracts and doing their first exhibitions to promote Radio Active in Manchester.

From small beginnings in Cheshire in 1985, Topspeed Couriers has become a significant player in specialist transportation now running a large fleet of vehicles based throughout the UK, and operating services for organisations in the food chain and environmental sector, nuclear industry and criminal justice system.
Topspeed Courier’s relationship with Fox Graphics started from small beginnings too. In 2008, the company needed a version of its logo to use on software and an updated brochure, but neither company could have predicted the scale of the actual design work that followed. Fox Graphics pointed out that the full stops in the company’s existing logo contradicted its core function, and MD Stephen Clegg decided that Topspeed Courier’s whole brand needed to be overhauled. Creating a new logo and brand to convey forward movement, Fox Graphics has worked closely alongside Topspeed Couriers for the last three years, methodically introducing the new design into every facet of the business.

Helping them grow

High worth

“Our new branding has brought new presence and confidence to the business,” explains Stephen. “For us to make a substantial investment like this when trading conditions are tough, speaks volumes about us as a company. We look like a high worth enterprise – and we are.”

From stationery, uniforms and exhibition stands to presentation materials, ID cards and fleet livery – including Topspeed’s Formula 3 race car – Fox Graphics has brought the new branding to life in diverse formats

Driver's Manual

One particularly challenging item was the company’s Driver’s Manual, its ‘business bible’ created and added to over a seven year period by the whole management team. Residing in an MS Word document, its 30 pages of content had become cumbersome and difficult to manage, but it contained vital operational information and the business’ whole philosophy.

Stephen routinely presented the Driver’s Manual as part of Topspeed Courier’s tender responses; customers regularly said it was a significant factor in their decision to work with Topspeed; every vehicle contained a copy; and every driver knew the Manual off by heart.

A challenge and a privilege

“It was both a challenge and a privilege to be entrusted with Topspeed’s Driver’s Manual,” explains Kate Fox, Creative Director at Fox Graphics. “My previous training career skills came to the fore.


I was able to restructure the content, eliminate any repetition, and design a format that was much easier to read, learn and reference. We also introduced cartoons to highlight important content and lighten the overall tone of the document.”

Pop up Banner Design
Brochure Design
Brochure Design

When you ask Kate to do a job, it gets done,” Stephen explains. “I let Kate know what the problem is – it gets picked up, considered, acted on, printed and delivered to our doorstep – and it’s right every time.

Recently we customised our company brochure and used it as the bid material for a major specialist transportation contract. This was Kate’s suggestion, and I know that this forethought and the new Drivers’ Manual won us the business.

We get a lot more from Fox Graphics than just design; we get knowledge, added value and tangible business input.