Castle Chemicals Ltd

Branding and overall reviewing of the visual perception of the company and its placement in their sector.
Marketing, message, conceptual design to target their audience for their first full exhibition in the Far East.
The brief was to prepare and set up everything required to ensure the Director did not stand for 3 days feeling embarrassed to be there – which was achieved.

Exhibition stand, training to set it up, brochure, website and training, embroidered shirts and dresses, give away marketing material, request pads to help with organisation of event. Advertising banner for 2018.
Now working with them to project manage marketing including video, social media, strategy and new development.
Viewed and marketed successfully in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Agency instrumental in growth

MD praises Fox Graphics for being instrumental in growing turnover to £25m

It started with a logo…

The ideas, creativity and expertise of the team at Fox Graphics have been instrumental in helping a thriving chemicals distribution firm grow its turnover to £25m.

Co-founder and director of Castle Chemicals Ltd, Jeffrey Muff, says that Fox Graphics has increased his firm’s global profile dramatically above competitors’ in the ‘mature, conservative’ market in which it operates.

MD praises Fox Graphics for being instrumental in growing turnover to £25m

Jeffrey said:  “The single most effective piece of work was our new display stand and supporting materials that Fox Graphics conceived for our first exhibition in SE Asia in 2016.   We had a fresh and exciting presence.  Other exhibitors were coming up to us to compliment us on it.”

Now Castle Chemicals, which supplies performance additives to the rubber, paint, surface coatings, textile and adhesive industries, has secured Fox Graphics’ talents via an additional, consultancy retainer, just to have ideas from owner Kate Fox and the team on tap.

It’s a far cry from when Castle first hired Fox Graphics, back in January 2010, to redesign its logo. Turnover then was £8m

For the aforementioned game-changing exhibition in SE Asia, Fox Graphics also provided branded brochures, canvas bags/pens to give away, and branded dresses or cotton shirts for the exhibition team.

Jeffrey added:  “If it hadn’t been for Kate, we’d have left our branding and marketing on the back burner.”

Competitors praised our stand

The initial brief

Jeffrey said: “It started with a simple request but with Kate’s skills, expertise, drive, determination and foresight, she has made us move a long, long way forward in business.”

Kate never stands still and her ideas and solutions are always fresh and appealing.

Company video is commissioned

“Kate also commissioned the company video, now on our website, which we are very pleased with.”
Fox Graphics had conceived the video in response to a brief to devise an additional creative tactic to engage new contacts at exhibitions in Thailand and Malaysia.
Its team used imagery and graphics to convey in a pacey, visual way, the ethos of the company and scope of its product offerings in just 2 mins 45 seconds.

The expanded brief

From that initial brief to update the logo, stationery and business cards, Fox Graphics moved on to design and build the firm’s first website, as well as brochures, document folders, other printed materials and branding for the CRM system, plus a rebrand to coincide with the Castle’s expansion into bigger premises in 2014/15.

She introduced us to social media, which has not necessarily delivered sales yet, but is getting us known among new contacts, including new suppliers, who we’re always on the lookout for.

She is commercially-minded, which makes all the difference. She knows time is valuable. If a meeting is scheduled to last one hour she will make sure it doesn’t run over.

Kate is always conscious about budget and costs. She is very economical with what she quotes us. She’s very conscious that we are here to run a business and realises it is support work she is doing for us.

She’s one of the Castle Chemicals family.  Our business wouldn’t be as successful as it is today without Fox Graphics.