The Ethics of Design

In an increasingly principle-focused market where the demand for ethical processes is intensifying, it is becoming ever-more important for businesses to not only deliver the best possible service, but to also be seen to deliver it in the most environmentally-friendly and ecological way.

Kate Fox, Founder and Director of Fox Graphics, explains how this growing requirement is translating into the world of design and print, and highlights what businesses can do to ensure they meet the increasing demands of clients for ‘green’ products…

“The claim by the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) that a business cannot be responsible without being ethical is one that appears to be rapidly growing in esteem and one which is resonating throughout the business and consumer world.

“In increasingly aggressive markets, companies need to establish a unique selling point that separates them from the competition in the minds of consumers. Being seen as ethical can go a long way in helping businesses build and maintain customer loyalty and help them benefit from a reputation for integrity and best practice.

“When it comes to a company’s image, it is certainly possible to achieve a fantastic brand while also ensuring compliance with ethical policies. For example, we employ the services of printers which are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), and which therefore enables our clients to include the FSC logo on its products and literature, highlighting their commitment to ethical practices.

“We also ensure that all our inks used in printing are vegetable based. Because they are non-toxic, these have a significant positive effect on the environment compared with traditional petroleum inks, and also have the added benefit of producing brighter, more vibrant colours.

“In addition, all the aluminium plates, chemicals and plastic elements we use are collected and reprocessed, our paper and cardboard collected monthly, and our deliveries arranged so as to have the minimum impact on our carbon footprint.

“Customers are increasingly choosing services on the basis that they are ‘green’ and offering such a service is an absolute win-win situation for businesses. Not only are they able to create a great market image, but they are able to do their own bit for the environment and shout about it to their customers.

“As green issues continue to have a significant impact on the way businesses run, Fox Graphics can offer solutions for every business need. For examples and ideas on how your business can benefit from going green, visit or call the team on 01260 252264.”