The Power of the Image

In this current market where competition between businesses is greater than ever and where the battle for survival is an increasingly tough one, the way a business presents itself is vital. Kate Fox, Founder and Director of Fox Graphics, explains why a firm’s image is key to its success…

“The claim by David Kester, Chief Executive of the Design Council, that businesses need to ‘use design or risk failure’ is certainly a strong one, but one that no business can afford to ignore. A business’s visual identity, incorporating everything from its overall brand to its advertising campaigns, is what sets it apart.

“The image is the persona of a business, and having the right one helps a business deliver its messages and values clearly, connect with potential and existing customers, create and strengthen loyalty, and subsequently generate more profit. It is therefore crucial that a business invests time in researching, defining and building its brand before anything else.

“An image really can say a thousand words and image is what ultimately wins the hearts and minds of the public – a fundamental reason why design needs to be integrated into the entire business strategy and continuously reinforced at every opportunity.

“As design continues to have a significant impact on the role of future economies, Fox Graphics can offer creative solutions for every business need. For examples and ideas on how your business can benefit from the power of image visit or call the team on 01260 252264.”