Why Quality Print Needn’t Cost The Earth

“Companies have been increasingly looking for ways to cut their environmental footprint, and yet until recently green design options were often lower quality and significantly more expensive. Kate Fox, Founder and Director of Fox Graphics, explains why quality printing no longer needs to cost the earth.” “Most of us like the idea of using sustainable methods within our business. We’ve all at some time used recycled paper and possibly even investigated other bio-products, but it’s always been a decision which needs careful weighing up – on the one hand the benefits of being seen to be green and on the other the need for the end product to be great quality, durable and cost effective.” “Recent developments in the environmentally-sensitive product sector have made that choice easier than ever though and I’ve been impressed with not only the quality of the recycled papers available for commercial printing, but also the reduction in cost – it’s now often only negligibly more expensive to choose the green option which can only be a good thing.” “In addition, the FSC can track paper right from source and let you know exactly where the trees that were used for your corporate brochure have come from. It’s tough for printers to secure FSC status, but we’re delighted to confirm that one of our preferred suppliers is in the final stages of certification so we’ll soon be able to offer this service.” “Inks are now often vegetable based and the chemicals used in the print process are also changing so as a sector we’re becoming much greener. Of course there’s always room for improvement but I for one am now convinced that quality printing can be any colour you choose – even green!”