Don’t sell yourself short

In a fast moving competitive world potential clients can take less than 30 seconds to subliminally reject a product or service. The key elements in success or failure are, Great Design, Excellent Photography and well crafted Words. Getting on the first page of a web search for a business is essential. Without the aid of these key services any marketing strategy is placed at a disadvantage.

In the case of photography the significant features of success are planning, lighting and viewpoint. This needs to be supported by good technical and creative control.

In the following case history a major chain manufacturer took their own picture and get a well worded article published in the engineering trade press. After a universal rejection of their press release the PR Agent recommended that supporting photography from Ikon Photography may achieve a better result. After the shoot the article was resubmitted and not only published but one of the images was used on the front cover of a lead publication. The power of an image is in its ability to engage the attention of several thousand potential end users of the product, through targeted publication.
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