Black Iris Exhibitions


Just a short story to end the week with. Back in November last year Black Iris was contacted by Helen at Nucletron asking for some help with all of the events she had to handle for 2011. Among others she had three major exhibitions planned and wanted to come up with a stand design that will run through the three shows and carry the same look and feel. Black Iris' job was made slightly trickier by the fact that the spaces have already been booked and they were not the same. Not the same floor size and not of the same configuration. One space was an island, which meant that all four sides were open; one space had one wall at the back of it and one space had two walls enclosing it. They dug into their creative head space, drank lots of coffee and then came up with a design that she was happy with and it achieved what the brief specified. The stand provided the backdrop for their equipment that they were showcasing at the exhibitions, the walls doubled up as a storage area and we built in the screens rather than have them just stuck on the face of the wall.
The three exhibitions all went smoothly and this is the testimonial that our clients posted on LinkedIn. “Maja and her team at Black Iris Exhibitions are one of the most reliable and effective suppliers I have had the good fortune of hiring as a supplier. Maja was recommended to me in the first instance and I would have no hesitation in recommending her and Black Iris Exhibitions to any company, no matter how big or small, to competently handle their events requirements. The only thing is, I wouldn't want her to be too busy to look after me, that's how good she is!” And on this note I shall wish you all a fabulous weekend and I look forward to discussing your next exhibition project.

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