Centura Pearl – Slater Harrison – Frankfurt launch January 2012

‘Slater Harrison needed a striking way to
show the new Centura Pearl range of decorative paper and card to customers.

The innovative nature of the product
demanded original thinking, and
Fox Graphics did not disappoint.’

‘The strapline ‘Just Add Light’ captures the essence of the product, and encourages the customer to take time and evaluate the benefits of Centura Pearl properly. The inclusion of finished printed products in the presenter draws the customer in, and makes him think about how he can use them to add value for his business.

Please visit – www.centurapearl.co.uk
to see their full product range.

Distributors who received the swatch on the first mailout have come back, demanding as many as possible, so that they can use them to promote Centura Pearl to their customers.‘

‘It’s early days, but the reaction suggests we have a winner.‘

Brian Bogie
Sales Director, Slater Harrison & Co Ltd

Frankfurt launch January 2012

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