50 Top Graphic Designer Tips

Graphic Designer Hints & Tips (1-50)

  1. Never fear the white (empty) space.
  2. There is no such thing as creative block only fear
    & frustration in disguise.
  3. When a client say’s the brief is ‘open’ it rarely is.
  4. There are no rules to design only personal gut instinct.
    Following rules prevents progression.
  5. Designers are the only other force in the universe aside from black holes that can distort space-time (some clients think).
  6. You cant teach someone to have talent but you might be able
    to open their eyes a little.
  7. Never send your design CV out as a word document in times new roman thats akin to playing Beethoven on a kazoo.
  8. Never ever give a quote on the spot (not even ballpark).
    Take at least a day to figure it out properly.
  9. If you dont fully believe in your work NO ONE else will!
  10. A great font choice can always turn the bland into the grand.
    Always go experi-mental as it can totally flip a piece.
  11. Whatever the project always start with a pen and pad.
    Not a mouse!
  12. DONT follow trends, your work will not stand out and will date quickly (although sometimes its unconsciously unavoidable).
  13. Any networking is good networking.
  14. Never leave it at just an email. People dont mind pestering
    AT ALL. Pestering is passion.
  15. Never discourage odd or abstract initial ideas as they usually blossom. Embrace stream of conciousness.
  16. Be yourself not your peers.
  17. You are only as strong as your portfolio not your grade.
  18. work hard play harder.
  19. Follow your heart and not your head. Emotive not emancipated. Passionate not preconcieved.
  20. There is no such thing as good or bad work artistically,
    just peoples opinions (often biased through exposure).
  21. Opportunities.. grab them!… or even better create
    them then grab them.
  22. Garlic will not subdue the time vampires.
    Be prepped for a lorra late nights.
  23. Vectors are upscalable, bitmaps are not. Vectors are made
    of maths, bitmaps pixels. Remember that!
  24. Teaching others will help you learn.
  25. Start any new doc at 300 dpi, even online jobs as you never know when you gotta print that tinker out.
  26. Use sign off proofing stages with clients otherwise you will be doing a merry samba back and forth for all time.
  27. Too many cooks want too many broths. Designate a client project contact so they act as a filter of feedback not you!
  28. If someone tell’s you work is bad it doesn’t mean it is. If your work pleases everyone your doing something very wrong
  29. Aim high score highish, aim low score no
  30. A brand is not just a logo, a brand is people, perception,
    reputation and more.
  31. Always, always, always carry your business cards with you.
  32. Public health warning… photoshop filters are bad for
    your wealth.
  33. Magic wand is the poor mans pen tool. Learn pen tool or be laughed at in the street by strangers.
  34. Always pen tool a few pixels in from where you think
    to avoid background bleed.
  35. For best results if an image looks like it has <256 colours (ie monotone) make it a GIF, more than that a jpeg/png.
  36. To avoid gamut muck up try to always start in CMYK.
  37. #photoshop, press ‘f’ then ‘f’ again. This allows you to concentrate on the work at hand and remove ‘faff’ and ‘faff’.
  38. #photoshop, never flatten any layers til the final piece.
    Constructive destructive.
  39. EVERYONE can draw.
  40. Beware a nasty case of feature creep. The only known
    antidote is a contract.
  41. White space is not uncolourful but the very
    definition of colourful.
  42. The meaning of life… would probably be found in sketch
    books not hard drives.
  43. Save all your notes/ doodle/sketches/prep like a rabid binman.
    Never discard!
  44. Build/design a website like you’d make love to. Passionately,
    then clean up afterwards.
  45. For true feedback never ask friends or family.
  46. Always try to carry a notepad for those impromptu ideas.
    Failing leave yourself a schizophrenic voicemail.
  47. Try to always push out of your stylistic comfort zone.
    Otherwise you’ll end up more typecast than Hugh Grant.
  48. If the paper stays blank… draw a line anyway.
  49. The customer is ‘sometimes’ right… no, really.
  50. All the design tips in the world can’t beat plain old experience.