Do you remember Yellow Pages? what a nice surprise……

“Do you remember Yellow Pages? what a nice surprise…..”]Do you remember Yellow Pages, and advertising and the copy coming through the door! well, this week, that is exactly what happened, and I casually looked inside to see who still uses this and there, a blast from the past, was a client I had not seen for ages, reusing design from years ago, maybe 5 years, the Ad looked great, better than the rest, but I would feel like that! as I designed the logo and Ad, with my font that I bought years ago, for a lot of money, but it has been worth it, and always adds that extra bit of class and quality.
I was so thrilled – so some company’s still need adverts! don’t be dismissive of having direct marketing coming through the post, no one else does it much these days, so you will be ahead of the game!
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