Introducing my brand-new programme

Directors, do you want to raise your game? Are you looking to get confidence with clarity? Want to know how to position yourself to achieve 3X turnover/revenue and ultimately keep your business IN business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I’d like to introduce you to my brand-new and exclusive four-week virtual programme.

Survival for 2020…

Last year, I released my Fox Graphic Survival Kit aimed at helping businesses to overcome any challenges while navigating the new normal. During this time, I highlighted the importance of social media, virtual networking, planning, branding, messaging, advertising and more. 

It was great to see so many businesses benefiting from my daily tips and many directors got in touch to tell me exactly that. 

But with restrictions officially released and life seemingly heading back to normal, how exactly do you ensure your business keeps its head above the water? And what plans have you made to keep your business moving forward, both in the short and long-term? 

Why am I asking you this? Well, because I read that 660,000 businesses fail every single year and that’s before we even take into consideration the rippling effects of a global pandemic. Common reasons for this are because they simply ran out of cash, were outcompeted or didn’t have the right marketing in place… 

…and moving beyond 2021

I’ll be launching a four-week virtual programme that will not only teach you how to understand branding so you can get more visibility but also highlight how your branding can help to attract the right type of clients and customers. 

You see, branding has many layers to it. So many companies come to me with their initial branding and marketing strategy in place but with no research into their own pain points – and those of their target customers. Unfortunately, if this sounds like you, you’re already putting obstacles in the way of your success – without even realising it. But, my programme will help. 

Not just this, but I’ll also provide insight on the ways you can convert your employees to be your sales force. Not only will this give you crucial time back but it will positively impact your sales and allow you to sell with confidence – time and time again. 

Designed to be personal to you, each 75-minute session will help you to identify opportunities and make decisions that are right for YOUR business. As well as this, we’ll work together to truly understand your customer’s needs – and wants – and create that killer sentence or memorable marketing message that every successful business needs, and has. 

Want to make this year count? Determined to put your business ahead of the competition and make it stay there? 

Take the first step towards your future today and get in touch to discuss my four-week programme in more detail. 

Raise your Game
Kate Fox