Why design keeps you in business and ahead of the competition

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Why design keeps you in business and ahead of the competition

As a business owner, you’ve likely got a lot on your plate. But one of your biggest priorities is probably staying ahead of the competition and IN business. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done and it requires a lot of strategy, dedication, and hard work. One thing that can help, however, is good design.

In fact, figures from the Design Management Institute found that design-led organisations actually outperformed their peers by 228%, during a 10-year period. A survey from Tyton Media even found that nearly half of people say that website design is the number one priority when determining a business’ credibility. So, here, we reveal why great design can differentiate your business from the rest and keep you firing on all cylinders.

  1.  1. It highlights your identity

One of the most important uses of design is that it defines who your business is and what it can offer to your customers. It acts like a first impression, and, with good design, that can be a strong first impression. This is essential for differentiating your brand from your competitors and can also help your brand image to remain in the minds of your target audience. It takes 10 seconds for a consumer to make an impression of your brand, but memorable logos are 70% more likely to get a positive response – which, in a crowded market, can be a big difference.

  1.  2. It strengthens consumer relationships

Relationships are built on emotion and the same can be said for your consumer relationships. Put simply, if you can connect your brand with the values that your target audience holds, you’ll be taking steps in the right direction. Smart colours, font choices and layouts can connect customers with brands in a purposeful way, highlighting what your brand stands for and represents. This is essential for not just attracting customers but ensuring they stay.

  1.  3. It promotes brand consistency

Think about some of your favourite brands. The design of Google, Nike and McDonalds is so much more than just colours and font. It’s part of the branding. It’s the identity of the business and it’s hard to imagine anything else. When consumers choose a brand to invest in, consistency is key because it ties back to the emotional connection between them and a business. On the other hand, inconsistent brands promote disorganisation and chaos and are less likely to be trusted.

  1.  4. It supports online success

In today’s ever-digital world, you need a nice-looking and easy-to-use website to succeed as well as a strong online presence. Good design goes hand in hand with this. Research shows that social media posts with images receive significantly higher engagement compared to those that don’t, and companies who use design rather than stock images achieve even better results. Consider what is going to grab attention online – it’s rarely going to be just text.

  1.  5. It showcases your innovation


    If you haven’t updated your design or branding since the 80s then you’re sending out the wrong message to your target audience. Instead, a willingness to invest in design shows that as a business you’re more innovative and open to change. Not to mention, you foster and value new ways of thinking. This does wonders for your brand perception.
  2.  6. It makes you money

Good design boosts your brand perception and value, which increases your customers and ultimately your overall sales. But that’s not all. Just think about the likes of Audi or Apple. Over time, these brands have become synonymous with status, prestige, and authority. Through effective branding and regular communication, these companies have built up a strong following of customers who have come to accept the pricing of any new products or services. While you can’t expect this overnight, these brands wouldn’t have gotten to where they are today without good design.

  1.  7. It boosts the user experience

Unfortunately, a nice-looking product, service or website just won’t cut it now. Consumers want something that’s useful and easy-to-use as well as pleasing-to-use. When we talk about design, we’re talking about design that looks and works well. A well-designed logo will grab attention, a well-designed website will convert those all-important visitors into customers. By focusing on design that’s simple, memorable, and easy to understand or use, consumers (who have a much shorter attention span nowadays) are more likely to connect with your business and use you time and time again.

Want to get your brand sorted for the year ahead? Perhaps you’d like a brand audit to evaluate its impact? Drop me an email at studio@foxgraphicsdesign.com or callme on 01625 468038.

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Kate Fox
Kate Fox

“Design adds value & we’re here to help businesses improve & strengthen their market communication & message.”

Established in 2008, FGDM work with a diverse range of businesses to help them improve their market image involving branding, digital, animation/video, websites, direct marketing, exhibitions, marketing material designed to build and bolster brands.

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The biggest design trends for 2023

The biggest design trends for 2023

Thinking about updating your branding in 2023? Perhaps you’re looking to launch a new product or service? Either way, there’s a few design trends taking the sector by storm that you should know about if you want to create a brand that will resonate with exactly the right people.

Less is more

The word ‘anti-branding’ is being thrown around the design sector right now. The idea is that companies use minimalistic design and messaging as well as barely there branding to highlight their authenticity and a straightforward brand identity. By giving consumers all the information they need, without any distractions, anti-branding can be very impactful when used correctly.

Creative typography

While some of the biggest brands, like Google and Nike, might opt for simple typography, in 2023 it’s expected that brands will get a little more inventive. Increasingly, we’re seeing designers pushing the boundaries of text-based designs – even using icons for letters in some instances. Bold colours, a play on words and a variety of letter sizing can also help your branding to stand out from the crowd.

Nostalgic inspiration

Just look at Burger King. They’ve gone back to their branding from the 70s and 80s and we can expect other businesses to follow suit in 2023. It comes as branding is set to become more minimalist, but it also helps consumers to look back over some of the fonder memories. Don’t worry if your brand wasn’t around back then – a few simple tweaks to your brand colour and font will do the trick.

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Pastel shades

Bright colours may have been centre stage in 2022 but next year it’s all about pastel colours. That’s not to say bold shades are being pushed aside but instead the two are working together to create head-turning designs. What’s more, bubblegum pinks, baby blues and soft yellows depict feelings of happiness and positivity and, as we mentioned in a previous blog , can inspire consumer behaviour.


Of course, diversity isn’t a trend, but we are seeing more businesses embracing diversity in their branding. This includes design and advertising that features a range of diverse individuals as well as celebrating different shapes, sizes, and colours. Where traditionally some brands were eager to maintain a socially conscious image, we’re seeing more companies using their design to speak out.

Want to discuss any of these trends in more detail? Perhaps you’d like to update your branding to really make an impact in 2023? Drop me an email at studio@foxgraphicsdesign.com or call me on 01625 468038.

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Kate Fox
Kate Fox

“Design adds value & we’re here to help businesses improve & strengthen their market communication & message.”

Established in 2008, FGDM work with a diverse range of businesses to help them improve their market image involving branding, digital, animation/video, websites, direct marketing, exhibitions, marketing material designed to build and bolster brands.

How branding affects consumer behaviour

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How branding affects consumer behaviour

Have you ever been drawn to a certain food item because of the colour of its packaging? Perhaps a nice-looking logo meant that you spent time looking into a particular company and what it offered? As humans, we’re naturally intrigued by items and experiences that we find attractive, often making decisions that reflect our likes and dislikes – whatever that means to us personally.


Research has even found that we typically interact with brands in a similar way to how we interact with people. Smart brand managers are aware of this too – using adverts and designs that they know their target audience will relate to feelings of happiness or even a desired lifestyle.


Branding goes much further than just looking nice though. In fact, with the right strategy behind it, it can affect consumer behaviour in more ways than one. Here, we reveal how.


  1. It strengthens your brand perception

When we talk about brand perception, we’re talking about what your target audience thinks of your brand and business. Before anyone decides to invest in you, they want to know that they can trust you and branding is a sure-fire way to support this and boost the status of your business at the same time. After all, the logo and branding you choose says so much about your business. It communicates your personality, values and even the service offering. Let’s take Apple. The Apple logo is associated with quality, prestige, and credibility. Of course, that hasn’t happened overnight but now people are willing to pay more simply because it has an Apple logo on it. This leads us nicely onto our next point.


  1. It boosts trust and loyalty

Consistent branding and design can ensure your customers pay attention to and remember your name. And, as attention grows so will your brand loyalty. Think of it like planting a seed. Over time, with branding that taps into your ideal customer’s likes and pain points, your brand is more likely to be front and centre. With that nailed, you can say hello to consistent growth and sales too.


  1. It inspires purchasing decisions

As a business owner, you’ll likely do anything to get more sales and your branding has a huge impact on this. But it’s not just a case of using attractive design – although that is important. The purchasing decision begins much earlier than the moment a consumer walks into a shop or clicks onto a website. It begins when they realise they have a problem and are looking for a solution. Consumers typically have two options – they can either do business with a well-established brand that they know about, or they can look for alternatives. While big-name brands might have a clear advantage, it doesn’t mean that smaller and lesser-known brands don’t have a chance. However, just like bigger brands across the globe, you need to use branding and design to ensure that your target audience knows exactly who you are, what you do and which problem you can solve.

Key takeaways

In the Business Dictionary, branding is defined as a design “that identities a product and differentiates it from its competitors [and that] over time, this image becomes associated with a level of credibility, quality and satisfaction in the consumer’s mind.” So, it’s clear that branding is an essential part of building customer loyalty and, indeed, sales.


But how do you nail your branding? Research tells us that we should be focusing on branding that aligns with consumer values as well as the perception of attraction. When it’s done right, it can result in improved loyalty, bigger sales, more cash flow as well as a trusted brand image that consumers come back for – time and time again. Put simply, branding should be part of every business’ long-term growth strategy.


Don’t worry if you need a little helping hand when it comes to your branding as that’s exactly what Fox Graphics Designs have been doing for 15 years. Why not get in touch at studio@foxgraphicsdesign.com or call us on 01625 468038 to see how we could help you?


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Kate Fox
Kate Fox

“Design adds value & we’re here to help businesses improve & strengthen their market communication & message.”

Established in 2008, FGDM work with a diverse range of businesses to help them improve their market image involving branding, digital, animation/video, websites, direct marketing, exhibitions, marketing material designed to build and bolster brands.