The biggest design trends for 2023

The biggest design trends for 2023

Thinking about updating your branding in 2023? Perhaps you’re looking to launch a new product or service? Either way, there’s a few design trends taking the sector by storm that you should know about if you want to create a brand that will resonate with exactly the right people.

Less is more

The word ‘anti-branding’ is being thrown around the design sector right now. The idea is that companies use minimalistic design and messaging as well as barely there branding to highlight their authenticity and a straightforward brand identity. By giving consumers all the information they need, without any distractions, anti-branding can be very impactful when used correctly.

Creative typography

While some of the biggest brands, like Google and Nike, might opt for simple typography, in 2023 it’s expected that brands will get a little more inventive. Increasingly, we’re seeing designers pushing the boundaries of text-based designs – even using icons for letters in some instances. Bold colours, a play on words and a variety of letter sizing can also help your branding to stand out from the crowd.

Nostalgic inspiration

Just look at Burger King. They’ve gone back to their branding from the 70s and 80s and we can expect other businesses to follow suit in 2023. It comes as branding is set to become more minimalist, but it also helps consumers to look back over some of the fonder memories. Don’t worry if your brand wasn’t around back then – a few simple tweaks to your brand colour and font will do the trick.

burger king brand

Pastel shades

Bright colours may have been centre stage in 2022 but next year it’s all about pastel colours. That’s not to say bold shades are being pushed aside but instead the two are working together to create head-turning designs. What’s more, bubblegum pinks, baby blues and soft yellows depict feelings of happiness and positivity and, as we mentioned in a previous blog , can inspire consumer behaviour.


Of course, diversity isn’t a trend, but we are seeing more businesses embracing diversity in their branding. This includes design and advertising that features a range of diverse individuals as well as celebrating different shapes, sizes, and colours. Where traditionally some brands were eager to maintain a socially conscious image, we’re seeing more companies using their design to speak out.

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