Valentine’s Day – Visual Communication – Radbroke Hall – Barclays/Macclesfield Chamber of Commerce

Visual Communication - Branding
Visual Communication – Branding

“Learning to love Visual Communication” at Radboke Hall

And what a lovely time we had at the Barclay’s Radbroke Hall, in leafy Cheshire

Visual Communication – Branding – It started with snow and sleet, arriving at Radbroke Hall with loads of boxes and banners and pens, bags, A3 desk pads and not forgetting Paul’s balloons, as it was Valentine’s day after all. oh, yes, the chocolate!

We walked through a tunnel of beautifully fragrant red roses that you only ever see on Valentine’s day, they have their own florist on site at the Barclays Cyber Technology Centre Radbroke, Knutsford WA16 9EU

We had to be checked and provide ID to be able to enter very restricted areas and be escorted to the suite where we were to co-host the event with Darren from Point Blank Digital and Paul from CANvideography, the event was organised by Macclesfield Chamber of Commerce and Barclays PLC.

After setting up, we welcomed the guests, networked and then got going! Sue Bowden introduced the event with a welcome!

and then we all introduced ourselves and started our 15 minute table presentations.

Paul talked about Videography, Darren Social Media and Digital Marketing and myself, Kate, Branding.

15 minute table presentations

We had a discussion at the tables followed by luncheon and more networking, speeches and thanks afterwards followed by a fantastic tour around the Barclays Technology Centre, where we saw the workings behind the banking scenes to try to win the fight against cyber attacks on our banking system and the control room. Security is incredibly high, as you would imagine and no pictures could be taken. We also saw the original Hall and facilities.

The day was a great success and we met a varying range of people, sectors, organisations and hopefully they went away thinking differently about their marketing and visual communication.

We enjoyed good feedback and everyone said they learnt something from the day,

A Big Thank You to Sue and her team at Macclesfield Chamber of Commerce and Barclays PLC at Radbroke Hall.


A lovely day had by all!

Please enjoy the pictures attached to this article, taken by various hosts on the day.

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Fox Graphics Design & Marketing

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