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Fox Survival for 2020! No.3

Fox Survival No.3 – Increase Virtual Networking to maintain and develop your business and keep in contact with old, new and interesting people, often there is a gust speaker and these tend to be free at the moment. This is the time to keep yourself and your business visible, by being seen and heard on these events you have the opportunity to meet people you would not usually have the opportunity to meet.

See if you can get a headset or mic and try a green screen behind your chair, I have had fun with that and people cannot see your living room. You can have your branding or images behind and even a video! If this is outside your comfort zone, I can assure you that everyone has been in the same boat and for fear of not being professional, I learnt last week that people have forgotten what shoes are.

Tip for the Ladies, put your lippy on and for the Gents, have a shave, unless it’s a design feature :)


How to increase virtual networking?

So, build up your connections, this takes time, so it can be done alongside the planning and evaluating, one sure thing is that digital marketing is definitely here and if you have not been developing this, now is the time.

What you can do is put a post online saying that you are interested in visiting virtual Free networks or even paid, as a visitor you can usually attend at least once before deciding if this is the right place for you and your business. 

We know many and can help or just say what you are needing help with and in which areas, the beauty of virtual is that you are not limited to area or country. I deal time to make new connections and see colleagues.

How are you getting on with the Planning, Evaluating and Implementing from No.1 post? this can be hard, and takes time, I am happy to bounce off ideas if that would help, sometimes it works have a 3rd party and I think outside the box, just let me know if a virtual coffee and chat is an idea.

I hope these points are helping, small sound bites each day to keep you moving forward.

Many thanks and Good Luck!

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Kate Fox
Kate Fox

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