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Fox Survival for 2020! No.6

Fox Survival No.6 – Improve branding and messaging for your business to ensure that you are getting the right visual and written communication.

This is my speciality, we run workshops exactly on this and I was interviewed about Branding on a podcast about 9 weeks ago, so if you would like more help please let me know.

2 tips today – Invest in your branding to ensure that you look professional and are taken seriously and does your “killer sentence” answer all the questions and make people ask more? 

Fox tips – “treat people as you would like to be treated”

How to improve your branding and messaging for your business!

Branding is not just a logo, it has many levels and has to be consistent at all time, even down to the tone of the communication.

My Killer Sentence is on my website and header for LinkedIn, every time I introduce myself in business I say it, my employees say it and it will probably end up on the back of my business cards when we reprint.

On my website I have a blog all about Marketing and Branding Strategy Workshop which explains in more detail.

Tip : be consistent and professional.

I hope these pointers are helping and if you focus on these 2 alone, and implement across your business you will be stronger in months to come.

Stay Safe, Keep Breathing,

Kate :)

Many thanks and Good Luck!

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Kate Fox
Kate Fox

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