What pain do you or your business solve?

Fox Survival for 2020! No.8

Fox Survival No.8 – What Pain Do You Or Your Business Solve?

Helping business prepare for the future in their marketing and business strategy is essential at this time. Business communication is key, in words and images….

So, what pain do your clients have that your business solves or helps them with? if you can identify this, you are half way there.

It is not about you or your services/products, it is about what they do to solve other peoples problems and to make their lives easier. It is not the benefits, but they help.

Fox tips – “treat people as you would like to be treated”

How to think it through!

For example –

‘I help businesses get noticed, taken seriously and by raising their game!’

How do I do this?’

‘by using Design, Brand and Marketing Strategies.’

What is the end result?

‘they increase their turnover and get ahead of their competitiors.’

so, what pain do you solve?

I cover this on my workshop and those that got it are doing well, it is not easy to do and can need some time to work on it.

If you are settling up a new company…do this now! or phone me :)

I hope these are helping and Stay Safe guys, see you soon, Kate 

Many thanks and Good Luck!


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Kate Fox
Kate Fox

“Design adds value & we’re here to help businesses improve & strengthen their market communication & message.”

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