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Fox Survival for 2020! No.14

“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation.”
― Walt Disney

Someone else said that ‘Animation is imagination’

Both #video and animation play an increasing part of our business and personal lives. Especially on social media as the #algorithms love them.

We did our fantastic ‘Follow the Fox’ #animations 2 years ago, these are on the website and I will re-release them again soon. This allowed our branding and messaging to be taken onto another level and businesses are catching up a bit now.

If you want to be noticed and taken seriously, this is the time to invest, because, investment is the word, do this on the cheap and guess what….your business will look cheap.

Under this heading you can also include, quality #Photography, #Illustration and #Cartoons.

We have used these for many years to #communicate and demonstrate a #brand and company story including products and services, in print, on video’s for exhibitions, websites, digital etc.

I work with many associates and have found the right companies. Now is the time to talk, think, plan and start executing.



Kate Fox
Kate Fox

“Design adds value & we’re here to help businesses improve & strengthen their market communication & message.”

Established in 2008, FGDM work with a diverse range of businesses to help them improve their market image involving branding, digital, animation/video, websites, direct marketing, exhibitions, marketing material designed to build and bolster brands.