Five things you need to know in order to answer THE big marketing question

Every business wants to know exactly how to market their services or product. But the truth is, every company is different – even if they’re in the same industry. For this reason, it’s important that you tailor your marketing strategy to suit your needs.

After all, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Marketing is a completely personal thing to your business. When you recognise this, it will make all the difference to your success too. There are five things you should be focusing on which will help you to create a marketing strategy that works for you and your company though.

Marketing in the world
  1. What do you want to be known for? 

Whether you sell one product or a hundred, it’s important to think about the one service offering or value that you want to be renowned for. With this in mind, you can really showcase your brand and position yourself in the market.It’s important to think outside of the box too. For example, at Fox Graphics Design, we offer marketing, branding, and videography services to name a few. But if you ask me what I want to be known for, it’s for helping businesses to raise their game, triple their turnover and get ahead of their competitors. 

  1. Who are you talking to?

Without knowing who your target audience is you might as well not have a marketing strategy. If you have a customer base already then this can be a great starting block. If not, consider who needs your product/service and which type of customer you wish you had more of.What do your customers like doing? Where do they go on holiday? What do they do for a job? What are their pain points? With these answers, your marketing can talk to those who really matter.

  1. Why should people choose you?

If you don’t know why someone should choose your business over a competitor, then why would anyone else? Think about your USP. Is it customer service? Is it aftercare? Either way, highlight what makes your business the business it is. Even if your USP makes your offering more expensive, if you can show people why, they’ll likely be on board. 

  1. How do you want to get your message out?

Social media, email, advertising, word of mouth, events, CRM, PR and more – the ways in which you choose to market your business will also impact what you say. Start by looking at your target audience and try to determine which platforms resonate the most with them.Of course, this decision will also be impacted by your budget and time but it’s a great starting point. When you know which channels you want to use, you then need to look at which messaging works best. 

  1. When will you market your business?

The truth is, marketing is a year-round process but this isn’t to say that it won’t adapt throughout the year – depending on the month, season or holiday. Build out a marketing calendar for things you’ll do every day, every month, every quarter and every year. This is likely to change as time goes on but planning is an essential part of every business.

Kate Fox
Kate Fox

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