The importance of design in your business

Wondering just how important design really is? Looking to save costs and thinking about striking it from your business priority list? You’re not alone. But it doesn’t mean you should do it.

As a society, we buy things we like the look of and this always comes down to design. Adobe even revealed that those companies with a strong design outperformed those companies that had a weak design by nearly 220%, over the course of 10 years. Good design isn’t just linked to success though. Another study found that 94% of people who distrusted a brand did so because of their website design.

There’s plenty more where that comes from too. Here, we explore exactly why good design should be a priority for your business – whatever its size and age.

How Fox Graphics Design can help

Of course, design is a journey but hopefully you can see just why it’s so important if you want your business to stay IN business. Plus, if you’ve been second-guessing the importance of design in your business, instead think about how good design can give you a competitive edge, drive results and help your business to stand out.

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importance of design
design in your business

It makes a strong first impression

Whether your website, social media graphics, email footer, a poster in the local shop, or even just your logo – your design is often the first thing that people see and we all want to make a good first impression. Not just that but consumers typically take a few seconds to make up their mind about a business, before they’ve even spoken to anyone.

You only have one chance to really make a good first impression, and a professional designer can help you to do this. What’s more, people want to know they’re working with professionals. By investing in expert design, you’re highlighting that you believe in and value professionalism. With good design, you’re sending a powerful message to your potential clients and it’s more likely to be remembered, which leads us nicely onto our next point.

It helps you to stand out

We all have competition but design can set you apart from the rest, and either make or break a business. Think about it this way: have you bought one product over another just because it looked nicer? There’s probably lots of other businesses that offer the same product or service, maybe at the same price point, and in the local area. Good design, however, is what can make you stand out.

The chairman and CEO of Sony once explained, “We assume all products of our competitors will have basically the same technology, price, performance and features. Design is the only thing that differentiates one product from another in the marketplace!”

Steven Bradley, author of Design Fundamentals goes one step further and says as a society, we’re inherently biased towards beauty. “We perceive beautiful things as being better, regardless of whether they actually are. All else being equal, we prefer beautiful things, and we believe beautiful things function better.”

It promotes brand consistency

Nike, Apple, McDonalds – these are just a few examples of businesses that have nailed their design over the years. It would be strange if they suddenly changed it too. Why? Because they’ve shown that design is so much more than just design. It’s their story, values, mission and authority.

While changing your logo here, and using different colours there, might not seem like a big thing, these irregularities can snowball. A brand without proper design or even irregular design is forgettable. After all, when you think about the above businesses, you think about their logo, colour or strapline.

Consistent design can also help to connect your customers too. When things in life are inconsistent, it seems chaotic and disorganised. Why would any customer want to become involved with a business like that? There’s a reason that the world’s biggest businesses have maintained a design strategy over the years and, by doing so, you’re one step closer to creating a timeless brand – which is something we all probably want.

If you’d like some help, why not drop me an email at or call me on 01625 468038. Together, we can make your design work for you.

Kate Fox
Kate Fox

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